Impression of Weekend Trip to Prague

May 3, 2018

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By: Renske Zijm
Friday afternoon we took the plane to Prague airport. Once in Prague, we made an unexpected city walk with all our luggage before we arrived at the hostel, but the first impression of Prague at night was amazing! After everyone was settled, we went to a bar where we drank some Desperado’s and some people even shared buckets with alcohol and big straws.
The next day, we made a city tour with our lovely guides from the Weekend Trip Committee who provided us with some information about the highlights. Prague is a beautiful city with a lot of amazing architecture! We walked across Charles bridge and climbed Petrin Hill to see the biggest castle in Europe. Once on top, there was a splendid view on a very sunny Prague! Unfortunately, the elevator was closed so we had to walk back to the centre of Prague. In the afternoon we had some free time to eat and walk around. Due to sore feet, everybody searched for a nice terrace to rest a little bit and enjoy the sun. At 8 p.m. we gathered again and went to the starting point of the pub crawl. The first hour we could drink for free and after visiting 2 other clubs, we arrived at the biggest club of Europe, Karlovy Lazne. This club was huge, having 5 floors with each another kind of music and dancers! Especially, the time on the second floor with old school music was enjoyed. It was a great evening with even 2 kissing VESTING Couples…
On Sunday, the group was split into two. The people that had chosen to go to Terezin, a concentration camp, had to wake up early to take a tour in the former prison. After the tour in the shady fortress, we chilled at the park while we waited for the bus. The other group went bobsleighing in the morning and enjoyed sunny Prague from a pedal boat with a beer. In the evening, we dined with the whole group at a typical Czech restaurant and finished with a quiz! Everyone had filled in a questionnaire and the quiz was based on this outcome. According to the answers, Sjors would be the first one to get lost (and he did), Roel is the perfect son/daughter in law, Inge is the most handsome, Pieter is the first one to kiss a Praganees and three members of the Weekend Trip Committee, Inge, Jurriaan and on first place Tobias can’t drink!  After the diner, we went to a bar where every table had its own beer taps. Some people played ‘stress mexen’ and others learned how to tap a beer. It was a great, relaxing end of a long but satisfactory weekend.  The diehards Pieter, Patrick, Tobias and Ewoud even went out Sunday afterwards, while the rest of the group went back to the hostel.
The next morning, we had to wake up before dawn to begin with our trip back to Groningen and in VESTING Style, some anytimers were handed out at the airport! It was an amazing first Weekend Trip with great weather and great people!

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