Impression of the Weekend Trip 2022

March 31, 2022

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By Sam Elands

YES, the ski trip! It was amazing! On March 10th, it was finally time to go on the first ski trip of VESTING! To begin with the place where the trip started. We gathered at the station of Groningen to go with our amazing bus driver, Henk, and later with Karen who drove us safely to Risoul. On the way we made a few stops and one of them was at the city Eindhoven, where we picked up the lovely people of Theta. With them, we shared the bus to Risoul. Then, 19 hours later, we finally arrived in Risoul.

Once we arrived, we changed into our ski clothes, dumped our stuff and went straight to the slopes! We were all very hyped to go carving!! Some of us needed some lessons because they had never skied before. For this, we had two amazing teachers, namely Timo and Hugo. After two days of lessons, some could easily handle the blue slopes all by themselves. The rest was exploring the areas Risoul and Vars. We were with approximately forty people so we couldn’t ski all together, so you went skiing with a few. In the afternoon, after skiing for approximately four hours, we went for lunch! This you could do either on the slopes or in the valley of Risoul. 

After an hour of lunch, we went skiing again. Some of us got a little bit lost, but at the end of the day we would all meet at, for us now the famous après ski bar, the Yeti bar! For the early birds, you could enjoy Happy Hour at 4 o’clock! At the Yeti bar, VESTING was together again while enjoying the music and the drinks! Unfortunately, the Yeti bar closed at 7:30 pm. So, after that it was time for dinner. You could go to the Spar or eat at a restaurant in the valley of Risoul. Luckily, everything was very nearby, so we had to walk like one minute to get to the Spar or the restaurants! On the second night, we all ate together in the valley of Risoul. After dinner, we could go to the so-called ‘Grot’. Here, we could further enjoy our evening.

In the mornings, some of us slept in and some were on the slopes early! In the morning, you had to take care of your own breakfast at the Spar. When you wanted to go carving, all you had to do was put on your skis and you were ready to go, since our stay was on the slopes! On the last day, we were woken up very early with ‘enjoyable’ music by the Weekend Trip Committee, since we had to leave our stay. It was, sadly, our last day. We could enjoy the slopes of Risoul and the Yeti bar till 7:00 pm. After that, we left Risoul and went back to Groningen. But we came back with a lot of memories and an unforgettable time!

I would like to thank the board and the Weekend Trip Committee for organizing this trip, and of course all the amazing people who were on this trip for this amazing adventure! Hopefully till next year!

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